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Spa Owner's Guide

You are now an owner of a Cannon Spa. This Hot Tub will bring you to a world of relaxation!
  1. See owner's manual to hook up electrical. It is located in the panel on the same side of the spa as the controls. The wires can be run through a small conduit near the ground, left kiddy-corner of the controls. Most of our spas have 4 wires: 2 hot, 1 neutral, and 1 ground. We recommend using a certified electrician, and are not liable for the electrical installation.
  2. Fill up your spa with water (the hose is fine). Keep the spa water level 2" above the skimmer. Never allow the water level to drop below the bottom of the skimmer opening. If the water level is too low, the skimmer will allow air into the water lines of the pump, causing it to lose its prime and could possibly result in further equipment damage.
  3. Set temperature. It comes from the factory set at 100 degrees. The current temperature is constantly displayed on the LED. You can toggle up or down accordingly. After three seconds, the LED will automatically display the current spa temperature.
  4. Set filter cycle.
  5. Wait until water gets hot and enjoy your first soak!

Recommended Chemical Maintenance Schedule

(Based on 350 gallons, or a spa 7' x 7')
  • Place Nature 2 Stick in one of the filter cartridges (or in filter cabinet). The active ingredient is silver. This enables you to use a fraction of the chlorine you would normally use. Even if your spa has 2 cartridges, you only need 1 stick.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of chlorine granules to activate the mineral stick.
  • Going forward, add 1 tablespoon of Shox (monopersulfate, a non-chlorine shock) only after use. This helps breakdown oils and sanitizes the water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of chlorine granules weekly.
  • If spa is cloudy or has an off-smell, superchlorinate with a tablespoon of chlorine granules.
  • If you are struggling with hazy water, try increasing chlorine frequency, increasing filter cycle, or replacing a portion of the water
  • Test water weekly and always bring us a sample when visiting a store.
  • Since the mineral stick does most of the sanitizing, the chlorine reading on the test strip is not important. Use test strips to ensure the pH and alkalinity are in balance.
  • The mineral stick needs to be changed every 4 months.
  • We recommend that you change the water every 4 months, but never in the winter when the water could freeze the plumbing (Leisure Time Jet Clean is a great product to use).
  • We recommend cleaning the filters monthly, changing the filters every 6 months.

    *This is the system we recommend. We carry alternatives, such as Bromine and Baqua Spa. Please ask us about these other options.

Water Chemistry

pH: Keep within 7.2 - 7.6
  • If it is too low, the surface of the shell may become etched. To fix, add pH increaser.
  • If it is too high, scale forms of the shell, water can become cloudy, and it can compromise equipment. To fix, add pH decreaser.
Alkalinity: Keep within range 80 - 120 ppm
  • If it is too low, there is no buffer, causing the pH to fluctuate. To fix, add alkalinity increaser
  • If it is too high, the water will become cloudy. To fix, add muriatic acid.
Hardness: Keep within range 200 -400 ppm
  • If it is too high, scale (calcium) will form on the shell and in the mechanicals. To fix, dilute water.
Problem Cause Treatment
Cloudy water
Spa filtration
Increase runtime per day and/or clean or replace filter cartridges
Algae growth
Superchlorinate with 1 tablespoon of chlorine granules
Unbalanced water
Test water and adjust accordingly
Green, white, pink
Balance pH and alkalinity, then superchlorinate
Metals from equipment corrosion
Balance pH and alkalinity. Brush stain vigorously. Add sequestrant (metal remover). Run filter. Bring water to Cannon to check for metal content if problem continues.
Either high pH, Alkalinity, or minerals (calcium)
Balance pH and alkalinity. If continues, add sequestrant. If continues further, drain and refill.

Spa Filter Settings: When spa runs on pump 1, low speed to circulate water through filter(s) and emit ozone

7 BUTTON BAHAMA TOPSIDE - Press and Hold "Filter" for 5 Seconds, press filter again to toggle through settings once set
  • Time- HH:MM
  • FS-Filter Start Time on a 24H clock (00:00-23:00)
  • FD-Filter Duration in # of Hours
  • FF-Filter Frequency-# of Times per Day
  • EP-Programmable Economy Mode 0-Off 1-On (only use if away from home for 2 weeks+)
  • ES-Economy Start, Only if Turned On
  • ED-Economy Duration in # of Hours
4 BUTTON BAHAMA TOPSIDE - Press and Hold "Light" for 5 Seconds
Filter start time is whenever the spa was last powered up
  • D-Duration
  • F-Frequency
  • Filter start time is whenever the spa was last powered up, and 12 hours later a 2nd cycle
  • You can change duration of each cycle to 2 hours (F2, factory set), 4 hours, F4, F6, F8, or C (continuous)
  • To program, press Warm or Cool then Jets. Press Warm to adjust. Press Jets to exit.
  • Mode is changed by Warm or Cool then Light. You want to be in Standard (ST), not Economy or Sleep
*We appreciate you choosing Cannon Pools and Spas. All future chemicals will now be 10% off if you mention your spa at the register. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

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