Say Yes to DIY: 4 Ways to Make Pool Care a Breeze

With each passing day, you’re a little closer to pool season. And there’s no better time to start thinking about opening your inground or aboveground pool than the present. If you’re looking to make swimming pool maintenance a DIY project this summer, Cannon Pools and Spas has some tips and tricks to make it less of a chore.

1. Skim Often
It doesn’t take long to skim your pool for floating debris, like leaves and twigs, or to empty your skimmer basket. Getting rid of debris before it has a chance to re-enter the water helps cut down on more time-consuming tasks, like vacuuming. Also, be sure to trim nearby trees and branches to eliminate excessive shedding of pollen, blossoms and leaves.

2. Check Pool Chemistry
Once a week, it’s vital that you test pool chemistry. If it’s off, adjust the chemicals. Always check pH first. For chlorine to be effective, the pH should be kept between 7.4 and 7.6. Then, test the chlorine. If it’s below 1 part per million (ppm) or the alkalinity is less than 90 ppm, you’ll need to shock the pool water. This raises chlorine and alkaline levels quickly. Otherwise, you can adjust the chlorine according to your needs.

3. Clean the Filter
Hair and debris can accumulate in your pump’s filter. For optimal performance, it’s important to empty it once a week. Start by turning off the pump and closing the skimmer valve. Next, unscrew the cover and remove the basket. Pour out the contents into a garbage bin and reinstall the hair/lint catcher in your pump.

4. Keep Tabs on the Water Level
The water level of your pool should always hit at the pool skimmer. If it’s too low, the pump might run dry and burn out. If it’s too high, the skimmer can’t do its job, and you’ll end up having to get out the vacuum more often. Refill or drain the water so it’s at the right level.

Get the Supplies You Need
Successful DIY pool care requires the right tools. Find all the chemicals, accessories and parts required for DIY pool maintenance at Cannon Pools and Spas. Stop by your nearest location to pick up supplies and consult with a knowledgeable member of our team. 

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