For a Longer-Lasting Aboveground Pool, Start with Happy Bottom

Aboveground PoolToday's aboveground pools are built for long-lasting use, and you can trust that your investment will deliver years of happy memories and fun in the sun. But did you know that with one simple installation upgrade, you can extend the life of your aboveground pool even further? That's why Cannon Pools and Spas offers Happy Bottom for aboveground pools to guard against wear and tear, moisture and more.

What is Happy Bottom?
Happy Bottom is a special high-density polyethylene foam pad that is placed between the sand floor and the vinyl liner of aboveground pools. The purpose of the foam pad is to help preserve your liner, so that it can last for a longer period of time. It does this by helping to prevent punctures and acting as a vapor barrier. Normally, vinyl pool liners need to be replaced every 10 to 12 years, so extending the life can offer significant cost savings.

Other benefits of a Cannon Pools and Spas Happy Bottom include increased heat retention and better feel. Thanks to the foam, the bottom of the pool feels much more comfortable to walk on instead of the hard, lumpy sand. Plus, it’s easier to keep clean.

Importance of a Happy Bottom
The pool's liner is an incredibly important part of an aboveground pool. If it tears, leaking water – which contains pool chemicals – can corrode the metal walls and hardware. Over time, this can lead to mold, mildew and even pool wall collapse. When moisture gets behind the liner, it can also affect the pool’s water quality and cause damage to the pumps and other equipment. If the leak is bad enough, the water can push away the sand and soil that’s supporting the pool. This can lead to bubbling of the liner and wall failure as the pool tries to resettle. Thankfully, Happy Bottom can help you avoid these issues and enjoy your pool long into the future.
To further enhance your aboveground pool's durability, pair a Happy Bottom with a pool cove. These angled foam forms are placed around the liner's outside edge to help prevent separation from the pool wall. Additionally, pool coves offer additional protection against corrosion-causing moisture and won't wash out or lose shape over time, ensuring your pool stays stable, strong and easy to clean.

Contact CNY’s Aboveground Pool Pros
The next time you need to replace your liner or you want to install a new aboveground pool, be sure to ask about Happy Bottom. With durable pool materials and our expert installation, plus the protection afforded by the foam pad, you can feel confident in your aboveground pool. Contact Cannon Pools and Spas or stop by the store to learn more.

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