Don't Buy a Hot Tub until You've Asked these 3 Questions

Purchasing a hot tub is a big decision – and one that should be given careful consideration. Between placement, size, features and maintenance, it’s important to understand all the factors that go into selecting the right hot tub for your home. Here to help, Cannon Pools and Spas outlines three of the most important questions to ask when in the market for a new hot tub.

1. What’s the Best Location for a Hot Tub?
Believe it or not, hot tub location can make a huge difference in your search. For instance, if you plan to use your hot tub in winter, you’ll want to place it within short walking distance to an exterior door. That way, you don’t have to trudge through snow.

On the contrary, if you’re buying a hot tub for relaxation, you’ll want to position it away from any distractions. Knowing where you want to install your spa can also help you pick out the right-size unit. Determining the hot tub's location is important for delivery, too – make sure you choose a reputable company that not only delivers the hot tub, but installs it in the location you prefer.

2. Why Do I Want a Hot Tub?
Determining the reason for buying a hot tub can help narrow down your options. Hoping to entertain friends and family? Choose a family-size hot tub that seats up to six or more adults – usually a non-lounger with a more open feel for conversation. Over 6' tall? You will find the foot well in an 8' x 8' spa is much more generous than a 7' x 7' model and well worth the nominal increase in cost.

Looking to experience all the therapeutic benefits that come with a hot tub? Opting for a spa designed to target key muscles may be a better option.

3. How Much Maintenance Is Involved?
When well-maintained, hot tubs can last for over 15 years. Regular care and maintenance typically consist of draining and refilling the spa every few months, replacing worn-out parts, purchasing new filters and ensuring the function of sanitization and cleaning systems. Sanitization systems, such as ozone and mineral, greatly reduce the need for chemicals, making for better water feel, minimum work and maximum relaxation.
Your best bet? Choose a hot tub from a local provider. This ensures you can access advice and parts when needed. You should also ask about warranty coverage to ensure they stand by the spas they sell and are committed to your satisfaction.

Discover the Hot Tub for You
At Cannon Pools and Spas, we offer a wide selection of hot tubs from top brands. Visit your nearest location today – we’ll help you find the right spa for your needs.

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